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Wedding Scents

Inspiration ~ 24 Jun 2022

Wedding season is well and truly upon us, and weddings are one of life’s occasions where you wish to look and feel your best. The finer details come into every choice for your special day so why not apply that meticulous planning to your choice of fragrance.

Finding the perfect fragrance for your wedding day can seem like a challenge but the Boadicea Fragrance Finder is the perfect place to start. Simply select your preferences; the occasion, your style, your scent choice, how the scent should feel on your skin, the season, and how the fragrance should make you feel.

Your choices then create a personal fragrance story for you to review before clicking through to discover the perfect fragrance selected for you. The fragrance finder is also ideal if you wish to gift your bride or groom an iconic scent as a token of your love.

Ardent Perfume

If you’re lucky enough to have found your perfect match for life, having a perfect fragrance match for your wedding day will make a memorable gift to yourself or a loved one.

On a day that revolves around romance, choosing a fragrance that envelopes these emotions can have more benefits than just smelling good. By incorporating a specific scent on your wedding day, you can create a scent memory, meaning whenever you smell the fragrance you unlock the memory so you can revisit your special day and ignite those fond emotions forever.

As a unisex brand, the option of finding a joint wedding scent for both of you is also an option, uniting you on another level and adding to the romance. If you feel your tastes are a little too different, then consider layering your fragrances to curate a harmony of scents.

Heroine Perfume

A beautiful blend of bergamot, jasmine, vetiver, and heliotrope, Heroine is intoxicating. A bold fragrance of mimosa, violet leaves, orris, and vanilla sugar, all notes that create intrigue, and a mood of celebration.

Being Hooked on your lover and your fragrance couldn’t be easier with this fragrance. A heavy hedione note combined with eucalyptus and cedarwood becomes near irresistible and addictive.

Evoking a feeling of Adoration is ideal for such a romantic occasion. Tunisian rose, violet leaves, bergamot, and patchouli come together in an elegant yet playful way creating an empowering scent.

Everyone needs their own Consort, a charming, and bright fragrance. Bergamot, orange, and vetiver exude elegance.

A love poison on your wedding day may seem unnecessary but Love Poison brings a sense of sweet longing, with an air of sensuality thanks to notes of jasmine, pink berry, and raspberry.

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