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Game, scent and match

Inspiration ~ 8 Jul 2022

Wimbledon is in full swing, no pun intended, and as the competition intensifies so has the coverage. The oldest and most presitigous tennis tournament in the world is now in the midst of its 135th edition.

The tournament represents british heritage and sportsmanship and has many traditions such as being the only major still played on grass and having night curfews.

As a brand inspired by tradition and history, along with being quintessentially British we have selected some of our top fragrances that champion British heritage and embody the spirit of Wimbledon.

With the iconic colours if Wimbledon being green and purple, it makes sense that our first two choices are Green Sapphire and Violet Sapphire.

Green Sapphire is an intruiging combination of raspberry, pine, and oud. A concoction that is reminiscent of British forests, fresh and uplifting that leaves the wearer hopeful and positive; a feeling that fans wish to feel as they watch their favourites compete on the pitch.

Violet Sapphire is another positive power and uplifting scent that promotes feelings of kindness and fun. Notes of raspberry sorbet, magnolia flowers, and Kashmir wood create a beautifully sweet and creamy scent that lasts well on the skin.

When it comes to fragrances with suitable names then Energizer is a contender. Uplifting, energetic with citrus notes of grapefruit, orange, and vetiver that linger on the skin in a calming musky dry down. A perfect depiction of the emotions one goes through while attending Wimbledon, beginning the day full of elation and anticipation; culminating in a feeling of contentment, that you have experienced something truly magical within the hallowed walls of Wimbledon.

For those who require a sense of gritty determination, a heavier and bolder fragrance with a hint of freshness might be the answer. Cardamom, leather, and vetiver mix to create Victory, a fragrance that wraps the wearer in a feeling of triumph and yearning for adventure; where ambition knows no bounds.

Strawberries and cream are a decadent spectator requirement that has become another tradition associated with Wimbledon. Love Poison uses pink berries, spices, and brown sugar to create a sweet and sensual fragrance that encompasses the wearer in a playful mood.

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